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Ellen is a seasoned securities litigator with decades of experience. She prides herself on being well-regarded by the claimant's bar as well as by industry practitioners. Her knowledge of how brokerage firms assess risk combined with her experience working with claimants' attorneys on industry-wide initiatives uniquely qualify her to be the perfect mediator, bringing a new set of eyes and ears to resolve securities disputes.  She has broad industry knowledge, product knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of securities and employment law matters. She has an unsurpassed ability to analyze the credibility of witnesses in order to get the parties to “yes” in any mediation. Ellen looks forward to assisting you with that ultimate goal in mind.




Ellen Slipp Mediation Services offers a unique and refreshing perspective to attack complex litigation through a facilitative and, when necessary, an evaluative approach. Through her experience and dogged preparation, she will quickly determine what obstacles – evidentiary, emotional, or financial – are preventing the parties from resolving their litigation.

unique perspective
unique perspective

Ellen has a unique approach to risk analysis. She is analytical and understands the layers of review that can be necessary to effectively help parties come to a resolution of a litigation. Sometimes, the obstacles that present themselves initially are not the impediments to progress. It is often the more subtle sticking points that get in the way of a settlement. Ellen is a great listener, an empathetic person and a quick study. These qualities give her a refreshing perspective to help litigants focus on what is really in the way of an agreement.  

complex litigations

Having been a respected litigator for many years, Ellen has gained tons of experience analyzing complex fact patterns.  She has learned how parties perceive potential issues with manufacturing products, backtesting, marketing materials, point of sale disclosures, verbal communications, and all that is encompassed in presenting a strong case. She also understands the right questions to ask of all participants to quickly assess where the issues are that could impede progress.  Experience with trust and employment matters are also in her wheelhouse. Additionally, having served on many village boards, she can evaluate landlord-tenant and professional fee disputes, as well as power through the emotional issues that are often inherent in any litigation.  

find a solution
find a solution

Ellen has an open-minded approach to resolving matters.  It is often the case that parties need an evaluative approach—someone to really talk turkey about the strengths of the other side's case and the weaknesses of their own case.  Also, it is very critical to be an effective facilitator to make sure that the lines of communication are open and that the parties are not entrenched in their evaluation of the matter.  Ellen knows from her legal and life experience that it is always helpful to be flexible and listen to opposing views to incorporate all angles into the analysis of a dispute.  



One of the new realities of the COVID-19 litigation landscape is the advent of remote mediation. This presents many advantages and only few challenges—most of which are easily resolved with adequate preparation. Ellen wrote an article detailing this with practical tips to avoid any pitfalls. The article will be presented at the annual PLI conference.​

Practical tips and techniques to succeed in virtual mediation: Zooming ahead!:

To read the full article, click here.

The article can also be found here as featured in Securities Arbitration Alert

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